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A technology platform that offers customizable digital solutions and payments services through multi-channel distribution approach that includes other channels to market

About Us

Capricorn Digital Limited (CDL) is an independent technologically driven, digital distribution Company providing aggregated payments and collections services to a broad array of Digital Service Providers (DSPs) through our digital platform. A core part of our strategy is to provide digital distribution services through an agent network that is designed to target grass root customers in Nigeria through a customized POS (called the Baxi Box). However, CDL adopts a multi-channel distribution approach that includes other channels to market such as web, mobile app, Business-to-Business (B2B) aggregated web service APIs and (Software as a service) Saas.

CDL has a wide range of complimentary products and services:
  • Distribution of digital products and services
  • Digital payments and transfers
  • Agency Banking (Money Transfer & cash withdrawal)
  • Business analytics and reporting
  • KYC registration and verification
  • Retail and Inventory Management Solutions
  • Data Analytics
All contribute to maximize the platform's capabilities.
What We Do

CDL technology platform can offer to its DSPs customizable solutions and distribution services. The CDL platform gives customers the option to make payments to and/or withdraw cash from CDL agents through the following medium:

  • Cash Payments
Cashless Payments
# Credit cards (Visa / Mastercard / Verve)
# Debit cards (Visa / Mastercard / Verve)
# Mobile money transactions
# NFC based payments
# USSD based payments

Furthermore, CDL agents can perform payments and collections services for DSPs that require the following services:

  • Biometric verification
  • Picture verification
  • Customised API interface

CDL currently serves a broad range of DSPs who in turn provide a variety of digital services to end-users through the CDL platform. CDL’s strategy is to target DSPs that create core services that directly impact the daily lives of its mass market constituency. Identifying key DSPs that drive services that are important to this constituency is thus a key component to creating a thriving ecosystem.

Our Core Values

As a business, we are dedicated to consistently delivering value for our clients through the use of our technology platform that can improve our client’s sales. We aim to simplify the buying experience for the end consumer, providing speed, convenience and ease of use. An important part of our value proposition is our technology platform, which is able to aggregate and integrate to a wide range of digital products and services. Leveraging our core technology platform, we are able to provide bespoke, simple to complex integration services for our clients that is suitable, convenient and easy to use by our merchants and that best suits their distribution requirements.

Our core values are:
Dedication to Excellence
Service Quality

As a company we excel by continuously exploring and expanding our imaginative horizon, leveraging on the creative minds of our employees to meet the needs of our clients.

Dedication to Excellence

CDL strives for recognizable quality in all its actions, products and business practices. We set challenging goals and are dedicated to meeting our commitments and achieving our objectives through excellence.


We continually stretch our resources utilizing technology to overcome new challenges.

Service Quality

At CDL, we are committed to satisfying our customers through high quality service ensuring customer retention and an increase in market share.


At CDL, we all work together towards the achievement of the organisation’s objective(s) and also harmonize the disparate attributes of everyone to create one uniquely identifiable team.


Our Vision is to have a retail presence on every street and a digital presence in every household in Nigeria.


Our Mission is to bring a wide bouquet of digital products and services to grass root and mass market consumers through innovation, technology and a world class retail distribution network that is driven primarily by agents and merchants.


At the core of CDL’s strategy is agent empowerment. We believe that our value proposition is strengthened when any one of our agents becomes an active member of the financial community, gains financial independence, is self-sufficient, is fully employed, can provide employment or economic opportunities to others through our platform and is financially better off from a day-to-day perspective.

By working hand-in-hand with a broad array of financial institutions CDL is able to align its distribution objectives and core values with that of its stake holders.

A partnership with CDL has several advantages for the agent, primarily around empowerment. It provides the agent with a valuable and regular source of income, it gives an opportunity to grow a thriving business by acquiring several agents under a pyramid scheme, it allows the agent to diversify his income stream and effectively, through one device, acquire a one-stop-shop without having to approach several vendors at the same time.

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Financial Inclusion

In the current environment, penetration of the mass market has become a core focus for banks, insurance companies, mobile money companies and the Government – all who are trying to build better distribution structures that give them a more sustainable and robust access to the grass root. Using CDL’s digital platform meets many of their requirements. CDL therefore provides DSPs with intrinsic value from a management and operational perspective vis-à-vis managing their own retail network, and in so doing has successfully created solutions that help bank the unbanked and make agent locations a viable alternative to bank branches utilizing technology.

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Our Services

The Baxi Box is a unique multifunctional android device that enables our agents to sell different types of digital products and services to end-customers. The Baxi Box is unique in that:

  • It facilitates a one-stop shop strategy, where customers can access several products and services from one device at one agent location.
  • It is a robust and durable multifunctional device, particularly suited for the Nigerian terrain. Among its many features include paper printing and credit/debit card payments (via Visa, Verve or Mastercard).

Through a one-stop-shop strategy, taking away the agent stress of having to liaise with several product vendors, the Baxi Box can be used to derive a regular source of income and to help build thriving businesses. Furthermore, our agents are better able to maximise their earning capacity and fully diversify their earning stream.

The products and services on the Baxi Box are numerous and are added to on a regular basis. Currently, the bouquet includes high volume and well known products, such as electronic airtime, data bundle utility bills, pay TV bills, money transfers and more.

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Baxi Pay is our online payment platform that is accessible through our website or mobile app by an end user. Baxi Pay is a one-stop shop payment portal that enables an end user to pay for a multitude of digital products and services including electronic airtime, data bundle, utility bill, pay TV bills, money transfer and more.

Baxi Pay brings the convenience of a quick and easy to use payment platform to the fingertips of an end user, who can now pay for a wide range of products and services anywhere, anytime.


CDL has a B2B (Business-2-Business) service, where, through a relatively simple integration, our clients, who have their own distribution channels (be it an agent network, a web portal and/or mobile app), can now distribute CDL’s full bouquet of digital products and services.

Through our B2B services, our clients can now access and market our products and services through their own channels, providing immediate scalability, income generation and growth opportunities.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

CDL provides Saas services to corporate clients that have their own distribution channels (be it an agent network, a web portal and/or mobile app), however, would prefer to white label the CDL platform and related services under their own brand. All of the relevant features and functions of CDL’s platform will be accessible and made available under our SaaS service.

Our SaaS platform is currently being used by many SMEs operating within the Telecommunications industry, working directly with the largest telecommunication companies in the country.


RIMS is an easy to use solution that enables small and large business and retail owners to better manage their inventory and ensure there is sufficient stock in retail locations to meet customer demand.

Our unique platform can be used to track and manage the flow of goods (inventory) through an entire distribution value chain (manufacturer warehouse, wholesaler distributor to retail outlet).

The solution appeals to a broad range of clients including FMCGs and manufacturers, as well as small business owners and supermarkets.

Our inventory management system helps to:

  • Keep the business profitable
  • Stay organized
  • Reduce costs
  • Achieve economies of scale
  • Analyze sales patterns and predict future sales

With the right inventory management system in place, a business has a better chance for profitability and survival.


CDL believes that adequate data to reveal patterns, trends and associations, needed to inform business decisions, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions at the mass market level, has been severely lacking in Nigeria.

To this end, through its wide agent network, CDL is able to generate authentic real-time mass market based agent data.

Our data generating model can be customisable based on client demands. We are pragmatic consultants who bring an implementation perspective to our work. We encourage organizations to make data-based decisions instead of relying on instinct. Our data covers a broad range of metrics, is generated on a real-time basis and empowers businesses to make better informed decisions that will generate greater long-term value.

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CDL platform includes data and image capture capabilities that are important for KYC and verification programs (including bank verification programs that can facilitate the opening of new bank accounts).

Using our unique android devices, fully equipped with image and data capture features, we ensure provision of KYC and other registration and verification services to our client’s on a real-time basis.


As we constantly innovate and expand in our services, our People becomes our biggest strength and as a result, we promote a high-performance culture and a conducive work environment where passionate, engaged and accountable employees thrive in careers with endless possibilities. From time to time, our company looks to recruit passionate, ambitious and qualified individuals to fill various vacancies in the organisation.

The Qualities that we are looking for in a prospective employee are:

  • Integrity based leadership
  • Entrepreneurial approach to work
  • Innovative attitude towards problem solving
  • Driven by passion for excellence
  • Action oriented
  • Ambitious
  • Committed to customer happiness
  • Committed to innovation & change